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Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets

The Fel-Pro story is an American story; one that began in a tiny Chicago warehouse in 1918 and continues to this day. Their goal has been the same—manufacturing high-quality gaskets that install easily and provide a lasting leak-free seal. In the real world, nothing is perfect - including gasket sealing surfaces. That’s why Fel-Pro, an industry leader, responds to new challenges with innovative materials, new technologies, and a relentless focus on designing sealing solutions for the real-world repair environment.
Not all gaskets are created equal. For more than 100 years, Fel-Pro has been doing things differently because they design and manufacture gaskets specifically for the repair environment. Professional technicians know imperfect sealing surfaces call for different materials and technologies that are application-specific to create a reliable seal. So, rest assured, even though things change, Fel-Pro can help you seal less than perfect surfaces.
With more than 100 years of expertise, Fel-Pro has earned its reputation as The Gaskets Professionals Trust™. Let their experience work for you.
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