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Proudly made in the USA, Fragola Performance Systems is a family-owned and operated business with the goal of making their mark in the competitive world of racing by machining quality fluid delivery products with care and precision. Ninety-nine percent of their products, with the exception of forgings, are manufactured in their Southington, Connecticut facility. Their founder Frank Fragola, leads by example, rolling up his sleeves on a daily basis and jumping right in beside the production staff as well as with second and third generation family members who are dedicated to continuing Frank's legacy. Because they are family owned, they take pride in their company and strive to be the best they can be.
Their promise is to make quality products and offer them at the best possible price with 100% on-time delivery. They are continually improving their manufacturing process which includes adding some automation to keep up with product demands and also with the cost of offshore competition. Conscious of environmental impact, they also employ an impressive recycling system, fed by under-floor conveyor belts which separates machining solvents from scrap material, allowing the solvents to be reused. They are proud of their humble home-grown operation that now boasts over 35 employees and 80,000 square feet of space.
When you buy a Fragola Performance Systems part, you are joining a winning team by getting the best quality for the best price. Their success is obvious by their parts being used in race cars around the world and in their satisfied clients everywhere. Become one of them today!
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