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Only showing results for: Change Vehicle Show results only for my vehicle: $202.63 Exedy Hyper Multi Pressure Plate PP02 $317.95 Centerforce CFT361675 Clutch Pressure Plate Centerforce II 10-13/32"D 11.625" $397.50 ACT HEAVY DUTY PRESSURE P $291.65 Centerforce CFT165552 Clutch Pressure Plate Centerforce II 11"D 12.625" Out Of Stock Clutch Pressure Plate - P / PL Xtreme - Diaphragm - 8.7 in / 220 mm Diameter - Acura / Honda - Each Out Of Stock Comp Clutch 3-694 Out Of Stock ACT T023 Out Of Stock ACT H024 Out Of Stock ACT T021X Out Of Stock ACT T030 Category Automotive ↳ Drivetrain   ↳ Clutch     ↳ Pressure Plates/Components Keywords +Brand(4)
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