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Returns are only offered on products advertised as in new condition.
Returns are not offered for any product advertised in any other condition than new.

To request a return, please e-mail us at: returns [at] curbhoppers [dot] com

In that e-mail, please include the following:

Please note that products with damaged packaging and products which have been damaged (scratched, nicked, bent, previously installed, balanced, etc) are not eligable for return. If a product is returned in this condition, customer knowingly and willfully acknowledges forfeiture of a refund.

All acceptable returns are subject to a 20% Restocking Fee of the original purchase price, initial shipping costs will not be reimbursed, and customer is in charge of returning the product at their own expense. Customer is also liable for providing their own return label.


Customers have 30 days from original purchase date to initiate a return.
Customer pays all expenses for return shipping, and is encouraged to insure the shipment.

We do not accept returns greater than 30 days after the original purchase date and if an item is returned after this time, customer knowingly and willfully acknowledges that no refund will be provided. If in this scenario the customer wishes the product returned to them, then customer will be liable for providing us with a return label, at their own expense.


If the customer received a product advertised as in new condition but receives a product damaged and wishes to exchange the product for one which is in new condition, the customer MUST contact us within 3 days of receipt with the following information:

If the customer does not contact us within 3 days of receipt, then customer knowingly and willfully acknowledges their forfeiture to exchange the product.

If the product is advertised in a condition other than new, then the product is sold as-is, and exchanges and returns are not offered.

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