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A young company that’s been around for a long time.
STI Tire & Wheel is a newer brand name, but they’ve been testing, developing, and manufacturing tires and wheels for many years. Their experience with ATVs, side-by-sides, and off-road motorcycles has given them the ability to design superior products. And their connection with these lifestyles means they like to get out and ride just as much as you do. There are two things they love most about this business: introducing new products and getting out to ride at events nationwide. They’ve been doing both from the beginning.
On the product introduction side, they’ve designed and delivered a wide range of tires, from the versatile Black Diamond tires to the Tech 4 sport line to the Tech 2 MXC for off-road motorcycles to the latest Outback Max mud tire. And for the wheel market, they’ve introduced products for all sorts of interests, from the 14-inch Pro-Lite wheels to the diverse HD Alloy line that includes the bold HD5 Beadlock for today’s big-bore UTVs.
STI Tire & Wheel knows how to design a product from the ground up, develop it to its highest potential, and then bring it successfully to market – that’s proven. Our goal is to provide products that meet your specific needs for tires and wheels and deliver great value.
Getting out to enjoy these products and meet other STI owners, that’s just as important to them. They look forward to events such as the Rally On The Rocks in Moab, Utah, and the two Mud Nationals events held annually in Louisiana and Minnesota, plus events like the Windrock Spring Jamboree in Tennessee, the White Knuckle Event at Tennessee’s Brimstone Park, and the Big6 Grand Prix Race Series they support in California and Nevada. They’re proud to support these and other events and to help with groups like Friends of the Paiute in Utah who do great work to keep us all riding.
It’s about more than just manufacturing and selling tires. It’s personal for STI Tire & Wheel - and they know it is for you, too. They would love to meet you out on the trails or at a race. If you see an STI product display, stop in and say, “Hello!”
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