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Browsing Brand LSM Racing Products Recognizing the need for affordable, high-quality specialized tools for valve testing and installation, LSM has designed a full line of products with performance engine builders in mind.
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Only showing results for: Change Vehicle Show results only for my vehicle: $489.99 SM-600 Bench Top Valve Spring Tester w/0-600# Gauge $273.97 SC-800 Valve Spring Removal Tool $66.47 SH-60 6in. Speed Handle for All Spring Compressors $489.99 SM-1000 Bench Top Valve Spring Tester $13.17 1T-5/32 T-Handle Hex Key - 5/32 $13.17 1T-1/8 T-Handle Hex Key - 1/8 $13.17 1T-3/16 T-Handle Hex Key - 3/16 $35.31 PC-104 Handle Extension - 4 Inch $273.97 SC-200 Valve Spring Removal Tool $20.65 SC-801 Bushing - 7/16 Stud to 3/8 Stud for SC-800 $289.99 RV-100 Connecting Rod Vise Double-Wide Stacker $267.19 SC-100ST Valve Spring Removal Tool HD Version $273.97 SC-150 Valve Spring Removal Tool $46.06 FH-200BL Dual Feeler Gauge Holder - Blue $88.35 1T-100 Valve Lash Adjusting Tool $14.24 1T-7/32 T-Handle Hex Key - 7/32 $46.06 FH-200R Dual Feeler Gauge Holder - Red $46.06 FH-500BL Dual Feeler Gauge Handle - Blue $46.06 FH-500R Dual Feeler Gauge Handle - Red $47.10 HK-003 Rocker Hook - Billet Steel for PC-100 $88.35 LS-004 Lead Screw Assembly w/ Small Dia. Spring Cage $289.99 PC-100 Valve Seat Pressure Tester $329.36 PC-100/160 Adjustable On-Head Valve Seat Pressure Tester $265.99 SC-355 Valve Spring Removal Tool 03-Up Gen-III Hemi $319.99 PC-100SLC Valve Spring Seat Pressure Tester $273.97 SC-100AL Valve Spring Removal Tool $277.87 SC-125 Valve Spring Removal Tool - GM LS Super H.D. $419.99 SC-2000 Valve Spring Compressor $265.99 SC-350 Valve Spring Removal Tool 03-Up Gen-III Hemi $273.97 SC-500 Valve Spring Removal Tool - Dart Big Chief $365.99 SC-515 Valve Spring Removal Tool - Dart Big Chief $465.99 SC-520 Valve Spring Removal Tool Out Of Stock AN-12R Adjustable AN Pit Wrench Red Out Of Stock TQ-100-3 Valve Adjustment/Torque Wrench Tool Out Of Stock SC-167 Valve Spring Removal Tool - GM LS Engines Out Of Stock SC-100BASE Replacement Base for SC-100 Keywords
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